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Two industry leaders dedicated to serving the distinct needs of Canada's First Nations in insurance have established a referral arrangement that offers a convenient one-stop solution for you. AFN Insurance Brokers Inc. is an insurance broker exclusively serving First Nations and their public entity insurance needs. CINUP creates and administers employee benefit and pension plans, also exclusively for First Nations.

Since 1998, AFN Insurance has been developing comprehensive insurance programs for First Nations clients. Teaming with regional independent brokers across Canada, AFN Insurance's products and services are close at hand.

Both entities concentrate only on the needs of First Nations —allowing them to be more focused than other companies on the unique needs and regulations. In addition, the products and services available from both AFN Insurance and CINUP are only distributed through reputable brokers ensuring the best professional insurance advice and counseling available.

AFN Insurance and CINUP provide you with a much greater degree of long-term commitment. By referring you to the AFN Insurance organization, we can offer you the convenience of having all your insurance and pension needs taken care of at once while focusing on your specific requirements.

We are excited about the synergies we will be able to offer our clients. Together, your needs will be taken care of with top-notch, professional industry leaders.

For more information about AFN Insurance, please visit afnib.com or call 1.866.482.0518.